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Just Discovered this weird still in the ending montage of the TCGS clips on Youtube.

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Online Premiere: The Mud

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The long wait is over. COCK CUTTERS 3 is here.

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Keith and I continue our countdown to COCK CUTTERS 3, with a look back at some of our best work.

The best work of our past, which will soon be over-shadowed by the best work of our present and future.


As Rob Malone and I prepare for the release of Cock Cutters 3 on this Wednesday’s TCGS, we have been reflecting on the past, present, and future of our friendship and creative endeavors.

Cock Cutters 3 is the most important thing Rob and I will ever make… until the next thing we make.

In September 2009, we made a short with lots of special effects called Masturbia.  It was featured on Buzzfeed and Funny or Die and it was definitely the best thing we had ever made.  But then in October 2010 we made Beard Pals: Parts 1-3, which wasn’t nearly as sophisticated as Masturbia, but what it lacked in production value it made up for in stupidity.  It instantly became a cult classic, and would be impossible to follow up with.

Impossible, that is, until October 2011 when Rob and I were asked to make something scary for a Halloween-themed episode of The Chris Gethard Show. COCK CUTTERS is what we whipped up, and to this day, we are unable to live it down.

But that didn’t stop us from spending the next year trying:

The Spirit of Gethard (December 2011)
Shit Shitters Say (January 2012)
#BonnarooGethard (June 2012)
Scatadogical Episode 1: PIP (October 2012)

Ultimately, we came back and trumped ourselves with the release of COCK CUTTERS 2: BEEFY/JUICY, a video so vulgar that it was pulled from YouTube within an hour of posting.

So, did we step up to the challenge on COCK CUTTERS 3? Duh, yes. I said that in the first paragraph.

Please tune into The Chris Gethard Show this Wednesday night at 11pm to peep it in its uncensored glory.

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Secret Morning

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Kiltro Modern Love Fan Video